About Me

Welcome to Cerrato Mom.  I created this site as a way to organize my thoughts and as a form of personal therapy.  Being a mom is HARD.  Being a human being is HARD.  If you are a parent or person who struggles I hope you find some rest in my writing, whether it is to feel understood, to lose yourself in a poem, or get a different perspective on parenting.  My aim is to reach beyond the superficial and establish a human connection. 

Here is a little more about me:

I am first and foremost a MOTHER. I am committed to raising my three children to be kind, empathetic, independent, and confident individuals.

I am an aspiring WRITER and POET. My love of words goes back to my childhood and remains a constant.

I am a SURVIVOR of abuse. I am RESILIENT. I am HEALING from the pain of my past.